5 most underrated Atlanta Falcons so far in 2023

The five players for the Atlanta Falcons who have not gotten enough credit for how well they have played in 2023
Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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5. Bradley Pinion, P

It takes some phenomenal work for a punter to be underrated and that is exactly what Pinion has been in 2023.

After being one of the worst punters in 2022, Pinion has become the best in the NFL. He currently has a 91.4 grade on PFF which is by far the highest grade (the next closest is Mitch Wishnowsky who has an 81.3 grade).

Pinion has an average of 49.9 yards per punt (8th best), a net of 47.6 yards per punt (3rd best), 0 punts that resulted in touchbacks, 7 punts inside the 20, and 4 punts out of bounds.


Pinion has been a weapon for a team with a sputtering offense. He has been a big help to the defense and should be getting a lot more credit than he is getting right now.

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