The fix to the Atlanta Falcons offense is obvious

The Atlanta Falcons have scored just 13 points in their past eight quarters of football and to fix that they have to lean on Bijan Robinson even more
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions
Atlanta Falcons v Detroit Lions / Mike Mulholland/GettyImages

Against the Detroit Lions, the Atlanta Falcons only managed to score six points. They followed up that dud performance by scoring just one touchdown against the Jacksonville Jaguars. It has been two weeks of inexcusable performances and things have to be fixed by Sunday.

The fix is obvious for the offense, they need to lean on rookie Bijan Robinson even more than they are right now. He is the offense right now and getting the ball in his hands gives this team the best chance to score points.

Atlanta Falcons must rely on Bijan Robinson even more moving forward

Bijan Robinson has been the only player on the Atlanta Falcons offense that hasn't disappointed. He has been fabulous, no other way to put it.

The Falcons are currently in a brutal stretch on offense. The passing game has been awful and the running game has been inconsistent. Bijan has been the only player who has been able to produce consistently.

Teams have been keying in on Bijan and they still cannot stop him. The Falcons need to keep getting the ball in his hands. In fact, they need to get the ball in his hands even more than they already are.

While you have to worry about attrition with any player, Bijan has proven that he can take on a lot of work. He did it at Texas and he can do it in the NFL.

Anytime Bijan is on the sideline, it feels like there are lost yards. He gains yards that no one else can and right now, that is exactly what they need.

Arthur Smith needs to do what Kyle Shanahan just did as the 49ers head coach, get the ball in your star running back's hands on every play. Christian McCaffrey just touched the ball on 27 of the team's 51 touches in Sunday's game.


With the way things have gone, Arthur Smith needs to get the ball in the hands of Bijan Robinson on at least 50% of the plays.

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