5 moves the Atlanta Falcons cannot make this offseason

This is a pivotal offseason for the Atlanta Falcons and they cannot afford to make these five mistakes.

Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers
Atlanta Falcons v Carolina Panthers / Grant Halverson/GettyImages
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3. Falcons cannot be complacent at quarterback again

Quarterback play was one of the biggest problems, if not the biggest problem for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023. And to think it was all caused by complacency.

Arthur Smith and/or Terry Fontenot early on decided that they were going to put all their trust in Desmond Ridder and that was risky. Who knows if they were actually being complacent or if they truly believed Ridder had what it took to be a franchise quarterback in his second year but after seeing it all fail miserably, it cannot happen again.

The front office and coaching staff must identify a quarterback that they like and go after him. Hitting on this one position could land you a championship at the end of the year. This team needs to put all the chips in the middle when it comes to finding their next quarterback.