5 New Year's resolutions for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons

Goals the Atlanta Falcons should make for themselves in 2024

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Don't you wish we could send a list of goals to the Atlanta Falcons front office? Especially with it being a new year and likely another lost season.

Every fan has their own opinion that they think is correct. Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn't. The same can be said about each front-office member in the NFL. They are human and they make mistakes—some more than others.

There should be priorities for this Falcons front office. It would help them weed out all the less important things that may distract them. Here are some goals they should be putting on their front page.

First New Year's resolution: Find a QB

It doesn't get so simple, yet so complicated; Find a quarterback to win you games.

It is an easy thing to say but it is difficult to achieve. We have seen countless moves for quarterbacks fail through the years. We all know it is not easy.

However, the front office has to do their job. They can't have another complacent offseason when it comes to this position.

Sign Russell Wilson, trade for a quarterback, draft a quarterback, just do whatever you can to find the patch for the biggest hole on the roster.