5 non-QB trades that the Atlanta Falcons must make ASAP

While there has been so much talk about the Atlanta Falcons situation at quarterback, the team could still use these five players that aren't QBs
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2. Mecole Hardman, WR/PR, New York Jets

No one knows the talent that Mecole Hardman has better than the majority of Atlanta Falcons fans. He was a burner when he was with the Georgia Bulldogs and he had a couple of nice years with the Kansas City Chiefs.

However, things have been disappointing for him ever since. He signed with the Jets this offseason and has basically done nothing for them. He has rarely been used on offense and he has hasn't been used as a returner on special teams.

The Falcons need to find a vertical threat on offense, and, perhaps more importantly, a punt returner who can actually make something happen. His speed could really help the Falcons since Scotty Miller has been disappointing so far.