5 quarterbacks the Falcons would have pursued if not for Kirk Cousins

If the Falcons had struck out on Kirk Cousins, here are the five quarterbacks they would have moved their sights to.

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We know the story by now; the Atlanta Falcons were held back by bad quarterback play last year and they had to find an immediate fix this offseason. They were able to land veteran QB Kirk Cousins on a large deal when free agency started.

But what if Cousins had stayed with the Vikings or gone elsewhere? Who would the Falcons have gone after next?

Here are the five quarterbacks the Falcons would have pursued.

player. . Michael Penix Jr.. 1. Penix. . Washington. . Michael Penix Jr.. 521

Michael Penix Jr. has a skill set that would fit with Zac Robinson's offense. He is incredible when throwing outside the numbers, plays within the structure of plays, and isn't hesitant to check the ball down.

His ability to launch the ball toward the outer part of the field is breathtaking. He can layer throws down the field to verticle receivers. The one question is the lack of inside throws on his tape. While I think he can get comfortable hitting a tight end down the seam in the NFL, we didn't see it enough of it last year.

Robinson undoubtedly loves Penix's ability to get the ball out on time; he throws the ball when he is supposed to which helped keep his sack numbers incredibly low.