5 shocking picks the Falcons could make in the first round

The Atlanta Falcons could stun everyone by taking one of these five players in the upcoming draft.

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Washington. Michael Penix Jr.. . 2. 521. Michael Penix. . QB. Michael Penix Jr.. player

Ironically, Michael Penix Jr. is the exact opposite of J.J. McCarthy; Penix makes his living throwing absolute bullets to the sideline but hasn't proven that he can do the same in the middle of the field.

Penix is also sneaky athletic but has been dialed back to being a pocket passer due to numerous season-ending injuries—pocket passing fits him better anyway.

Penix isn't going to take sacks, he can make throws to the sideline that can wreck a coverage like cover-two, and he is a winning quarterback.

Of course, you have to worry about his injury history and advanced age—not the best situation for a QB who would ride the bench to start his career.

Nevertheless, you don't find QBs with the type of arm Penix has. It is hard to pass it up, especially if you can trade back and grab him.