5 Teams that deserve more criticism than the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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The media is tearing apart the Atlanta Falcons while these four teams are ignored

What in the world does the media have against the Atlanta Falcons? They have been tearing them apart for not pursuing Lamar Jackson even though the organization has made their plan clear—they are looking to build a team, not a one-man show.

For some reason, there is a reluctance from others to see the other point of view (almost a microcosm of the world we live in) even when the other view is explained in detail. Personally, I have had times where I am in favor of giving up capital for Lamar Jackson, but I also see the plan and I respect the plan. Right now, I am fully on board with their plan.

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Those who have been condescending are those who think the world is black and white. Nevertheless, the only thing that will shut them up is winning. If Desmond Ridder balls out then he and the Falcons deserve a lot of apologies.

It is also maddening why the Falcons are being torn apart when there are other teams out there who have done much less, or, in one particular instance, cannot come to an agreement with their aforementioned superstar.

Let's look at five teams who should be getting blasted rather than the Atlanta Falcons.