5 Teams that deserve more criticism than the Atlanta Falcons

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens
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5. The Baltimore Ravens deserve more criticism than the Atlanta Falcons

Hey media, how about we attack the team that cannot reach a deal with their superstar quarterback rather than the team that had no time to prepare to potentially bring in the same superstar quarterback?

Why do the Ravens deserve a pass for not offering Lamar Jackson the deal that he wants while the Falcons get blasted for not being willing to offer that same contract, plus two first-round picks? It is seriously crazy.

Not to mention, look at the disparity of moves made this offseason between these two teams. The only outside signing the Ravens have made is Nelson Agholor while the Falcons have signed Jessie Bates, David Onyemata, Scotty Miller, Calais Campbell, Kaden Elliss, Mike Hughes, and Taylor Heinicke. Even though Baltimore has sat on their butts during free agency because they are holding onto enough cap space to match a Lamar offer sheet, shouldn't they still get some criticism for their lack of moves?

If Lamar does end up leaving, then they will likely get blasted, as they should. But right now, it seems like everyone is forgetting that the Ravens are at fault for all of this, they are the ones who have seen his greatness firsthand but still cannot come to an agreement after a few years of negotiation. The ignorance of some of those people who talk about sports on TV is honestly astounding sometimes.

And there is also the fact that if Jackson doesn't return, their quarterback is Tyler Huntley—I think most people would rather have Desmond Ridder.

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