5 underrated players who will shine in Atlanta Falcons training camp

With training camp underway for the Atlanta Falcons, here are five underrated players who will shine during camp.
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Falcons underrated camp player No. 4: Matt Hennessy, LG

One year ago, Matt Hennessy was fighting to be the starting center but Drew Dalman ended up winning the battle. It appeared like Hennessy was going to be sitting on the bench until he became a free agent. However, injuries hit the left guard spot and he had to take over.

Hennessy ended up getting injured right after he took over at guard. Nevertheless, those handful of snaps he did play were impressive.

Now, he is fighting with second-round pick Matthew Bergeron to be the starting left guard. I do not expect him to lose twice in two years. Arthur Smith has already said that while it is an open battle, Hennessy will be getting the early work.

Fans should not be surprised if Matt Hennessy doesn't relinquish the job at any point. He has the experience and ability to be one of the two starting guards for the Falcons.