6 Atlanta Falcons facing an uncertain future after NFL Draft

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3. Taylor Heinicke

On a far lesser note, the same emotions are there for a quarterback that should have already been cut. As noted earlier the only reason that Heinicke is still on this roster has to be his personal relationships and how he carried himself as a Falcon. Heinicke wasn't' an upgrade over Desmond Ridder in multiple chances and that is as big of an insult as you can pay a quarterback last season.

Making the issue more confusing is the fact the Falcons could have freed up $7 million in cap space with an early cut of Heinicke. Instead, the Falcons re-worked the deal and are now paying an expensive price for a third quarterback.

Yes, the Falcons situation at quarterback last season was rough but it didn't demand this response. The money and draft picks the Falcons have tied up at the position are concerning for a myriad of reasons. The most obvious being the fact you still haven't built a complete roster and are still spending so much on the position.

Heinicke is a capable backup if you fully believe in Cousins or Penix having both with Heinicke is overkill. Atlanta went from having zero investment at quarterback to the other extreme. Perhaps it works but it adds an unneeded distraction for the team.