6 combine stars the Atlanta Falcons need to draft in 2024

These combine stars need to be on the radar for the Atlanta Falcons in the upcoming 2024 NFL Draft.

NFL Combine
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5. Falcons should draft combine star CB Nate Wiggins

Already seen as a top cornerback in the draft, Clemson corner Nate Wiggins burned through the forty-yard dash to further cement himself as a first-round pick.

He sprinted forty yards in just 4.28 seconds (official) which is just fabulous from a corner that stands at six-foot-two. However, he isn't the biggest width wise as he is just over 170 pounds. He also didn't tear it up in the other workouts but the Atlanta native should be a target for the Falcons, especially in a trade back.

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6. Falcons should draft combine star EDGE Chop Robinson

The Atlanta Falcons need to add more talent off the edge and Chop Robinson could be just that.

Robinson is big, fast, and quick, there isn't much else you could want from an edge rusher. He ran the forty in just 4.48 seconds, had the best ten-yard split (1.54), the second-best broad jump (10'8"), and the second-best shuttle (4.25).

Much like Jared Verse, the Falcons should strongly consider trading back and drafting Chop Robinson if they aren't going to target a quarterback.

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