Dueling reports about the Atlanta Falcons' QB plan

Unsurprisingly, there are numerous reports surrounding the Atlanta Falcons plan to fill their quarterback hole.

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You won't find a more misleading time in the NFL than right now. Teams try so hard to throw other teams off when it comes to their offseason plans in both free agency and the draft.

With the Atlanta Falcons looking for a quarterback, there have been plenty of reports about their intentions. The question is, which one is true?

Many conflicting reports about the Atlanta Falcons plan at QB

I think many of us are at the point where we just want to see what ends up happening. Going through all these back-and-forth reports is getting tiring and annoying.

However, there is no way to know when we will find the answer. If the answer is Justin Fields then we will find out before free agency, if it is a free agent then we will find out sometime after March 13th at 4 p.m. ET, or if the answer is with a rookie then we won't figure out who it is until late April.

Right now, we only have reports like these to evaluate:

If the Falcons' intention is to confuse everyone, then they are doing a solid job. We have gone from Justin Fields, to Kirk Cousins, to Justin Fields, to Kirk Cousins, to Baker Mayfield, and so on.

If anything, I would take Dianna Russini's report. Kirk Cousins and Baker Mayfield are much better fits for the Falcons than Justin Fields. This offense isn't going to be a read-option scheme. Finding a quarterback who spends most of his time in the pocket will be the best fit.

With all this being said, I still strongly believe that the Atlanta Falcons cannot squander an opportunity to land a quarterback with their top-ten pick. This is hopefully a situation you won't find yourself in for a while so you need to take advantage and secure your future.


I also believe that for the money, Russell Wilson and drafting a quarterback would be the best bet. Nevertheless, you can do a lot worse than Cousins or Mayfield.

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