6 Players who are rising stars for the Atlanta Falcons

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Six players who are rising to stardom for the Atlanta Falcons

All of the turnover on the Atlanta Falcons roster has been hard because it has resulted in a lot of rough patches for the team and has resulted in a number of legends walking out the door.

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However, it is all for the greater good. There are still some established stars (e.g. Grady Jarrett, Jake Matthews, and Cordarrelle Patterson) while others are on the rise to becoming those established stars.

The latter is what we are going to focus on today; here are five players who are on the rise for the Atlanta Falcons.

1. Avery Williams, PR/KR, Atlanta Falcons

We are starting out with an under-the-radar player for the Falcons. Avery Williams was really, really good last year and was snubbed from the Pro Bowl.

Williams led the NFL in yards per punt return, by a mile. While he wasn't quite as productive as a kick returner, that was due to Cordarrelle Patterson who is only the best kick returner in NFL history.

Some might counter this by saying that Williams didn't have a return touchdown, but only three players returned a punt for a TD last season and all three of them averaged three or fewer punt return yards per attempt last year than Avery did. Williams was the most consistent punt returner in the NFL last year, and it wasn't even close.

Now that the Falcons have a better defense, they should get more stops which will give Williams more opportunities to rack up the return yards.