6 Veteran players the Falcons could cut during 2024 camp

Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
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3. Eddie Goldman

The former Chicago Bear has now been signed by the Falcons three times and is yet to play a regular season game. Whether it is a cut or Goldman walking away again the veteran moving on wouldn't be surprising.

Goldman's consistent returns suggest validity to whatever reason has caused the veteran to continually walk away. The Falcons believe both in the reasoning and in the possible impact. However, this is a completely stacked unit. It is going to be very difficult not only to make the roster to but find playing time.

4. Lorenzo Carter

Carter makes the list based only on his lack of ability to get to the quarterback. It seems likely Carter would be the starter if the season started today. The only path to Atlanta moving on is making a trade or unexpected move to add pass rush help.

Carter's value is in how the veteran sets the edge and defends the run. Despite these traits, there is a real reason to consider saving cap space and cutting the veteran. If you can land a consistent pass-rush threat it would be Carter's salary that makes the most sense to cut.