90 Days till kickoff: Best player to wear #'s 90-99 for the Atlanta Falcons

New York Jets v Atlanta Falcons
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We are officially 90 days away from seeing the Atlanta Falcons take the field for a meaningful game. They will kick off their highly-anticipated season by hosting Bryce Young and the Carolina Panthers for an NFC South matchup.

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Along with that, the NFL season will commence in 87 days when the Detroit Lions travel to Kansas City to take on the Chiefs. However, we are here for the Falcons and we will celebrate 90 days until kickoff by looking at the best player to wear each number in the 90s.

The best Atlanta Falcons to wear each number in the 90s with 90 days until kickoff

The Atlanta Falcons have not had the greatest history when it comes to those who have worn a jersey number in the 90s. The reason for that? These are the numbers of defensive linemen (usually), and as we all know, the Falcons have had a troubled history when it comes to finding dominant defensive linemen.

However, there are still some good players on here, and one that is still building his legacy as a member of the Falcons.

#99: Tim Green, DE, 1986-1993

Tim Green was a steady player for the Atlanta Falcons across eight years and a total of 99 games. But much of his recognition has come after his playing career. He is the author of many books (many making The New York Times best-seller list) and was unfortunately diagnosed with ALS in 2016. He has been interviewed on TV many times, including '60 Minutes.'

#98: Travis Hall, DT, 1995-2004

Playing ten seasons with one team is not an easy feat, but one that defensive lineman Travis Hall did during the turn of the century. He had 41.5 sacks and 435 tackles during that span, including a season where he had 10.5 sacks.

#97: Grady Jarrett, DT, 2015-Present

Grady Jarrett continues to be a great defensive tackle who puts his head down and works harder than anyone. He finally has help next to him so we could see him have one of his better years. Patrick Kerney is an honorable mention here too.

#96: Tyeler Davison, DT, 2019-2021

Yes, Tyeler Davison is the best player to wear number 96 for the Falcons. It isn't exactly a good look but he was a solid body up the middle for a few seasons.

#95: Jonathan Babineaux, DT, 2005-2016

Jonathan Babineaux was the definition of consistency for the Falcons. While his stats were never gaudy, he helped plug up the middle for 12 seasons. All told he had 27 sacks, 394 tackles, 91 tackles for loss, and four interceptions!

#94: Henri Crockett, LB, 1997-2001

Henri Crockett isn't the most notable player in franchise history as the Falcons have never had a standout player to wear 94. Crockett was the rare linebacker to wear 94 and he started at least ten games in all five seasons with Atlanta.

#93: Aundray Bruce, LB, 1988-1991

For Aundray Bruce, his career consisted of forcing turnovers in red and black. It is impressive to look at his stats, so I have to list them here:

  • 1988: 16 games (15 starts), 2 INT, 2 FF, 6 sacks, 70 tackles
  • 1989: 16 games (13 starts), 1 INT, 2 FF, 6 sacks, 66 tackles
  • 1990: 16 games (3 starts), 4 FF, 4 sacks, 40 tackles

His final year with the Falcons wasn't good so we will skip those stats, but he forced 11 turnovers in three years. Not bad.

#92: Lester Archambeau, DE, 1993-1999

Lester Archambeau is a name that you might not know but need to know. He was pretty solid for the Falcons through the 90s and helped his team make their first Super Bowl. Through seven seasons, Archambeau amassed 31 sacks, 11 forced fumbles, and 286 tackles.

#91: Corey Peters, DT, 2010-2014

A name you might recognize, Corey Peters was a solid player for the Falcons during a time when they started to find some success. He just retired this offseason after six seasons in Arizona and one in Jacksonville. Peters has been one of the most respected players in the league.

#90: Chuck Smith, DE, 1992-1999

The Atlanta Falcons had an excellent pass rusher in Chuck Smith during the same time that they had Lester Archambeau. Smith has, officially, the second-most sacks in franchise history with 58.5. Not to mention he also forced 20 fumbles and recovered 12 fumbles.

After retirement, Chuck Smith has spent much of his time mentoring and coaching pass rushers. And then this offseason, he was hired to be the Baltimore Ravens' outside linebackers coach, so congrats to him.

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