Are the Atlanta Falcons playing against their future QB on Sunday?

Speculation has begun about the Arizona Cardinals potentially moving Kyler Murray in the offseason and the Atlanta Falcons could be one of the teams who pursue him
Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals
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Nothing will throw your quarterback into the speculatory trade market like having a top-five pick in the draft. The Atlanta Falcons' week ten opponent, the Arizona Cardinals, is learning that the hard way (that is if they didn't already learn that).

Kyler Murray is set to make his 2023 debut and the media has wondered whether this could be the final act of Murray's career in the desert. If the Cardinals find themselves with another top-five pick, could they trade Murray to the Falcons and then draft their own QB?

Atlanta Falcons could be playing their future QB on Sunday

Former number-one pick Kyler Murray is an extremely talented player who has played well when you factor in all the things that have gone against him. He suffered an unfortunate injury last year and is about to make his first start of the year against the Atlanta Falcons.

We all obviously hope that the Falcons can shut him down, but that is beside the point of this article. The point of this article is to look at the likelihood of Murray finding himself in the city of Atlanta.

First, we have to look at the type of player Murray is. He is a playmaking quarterback who can buy time and work his receivers open. Arthur Smith (assuming he is still employed) has always liked more athletic QBs (E.g. Ryan Tannehill, Marcus Mariota, Desmond Ridder, and even Taylor Heinicke). It isn't hard to assume that Smith would like having Murray in the shotgun.

The next part, and the most complicated part, is whether the Cardinals would be willing to move him. My guess would be 'no.' Just because you have a top-five pick doesn't mean you have to draft a quarterback. There are plenty of other players in the class who are exceptionally talented. It is an opportunity for them to build around Murray rather than tear the offense down.

The other reason I don't think they would is the financial situation. Murray signed a $230 million contract not too long ago and any 'pre-June 1' designations would cost the team a lot of money. Now if they were to do it after that date then they would save a good chunk of money but who would want to wait that long?

The last part is whether or not the Falcons would be interested. Based on how they have played things recently, I would have to say 'no' once again. But what if Arthur Smith starts feeling immense pressure? He might then push Terry Fontenot to go get a player like Kyler Murray, rather than taking a chance on Ridder again or a prospect.

The odds are not great that the Falcons will end up with Kyler Murray but, as with everything, we cannot rule it completely out.

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