Falcons 2024 Mock Draft: Kirk Cousins doesn't stop Atlanta from selecting QB

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Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins
Atlanta Falcons, Kirk Cousins / Stephen Maturen/GettyImages
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We are only a week into NFL free agency, and the Atlanta Falcons are one of the teams with the most buzz around the league.

Of course, the biggest quarterback domino to fall ended up falling in Atlanta's favor, when they signed former Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins to a 4-year deal.

Now, this Falcons team looks much different than they did just a week ago. As they prepare for the 2024 NFL Draft, how does Atlanta strategize?

In our latest mock draft, the Falcons opt to trade back from pick no. 8, but keep in mind, the Cousins signing won't prohibit them from selecting a quarterback.

To begin this 2024 NFL mock draft, the Falcons move back in the first round.

When many picked Atlanta as a possible team to watch in a trade-up situation, the Cousins signing now all but guarantees that they won't be moving up. Instead, the Seattle Seahawks come calling and Atlanta strikes a deal to secure additional capital.

Seahawks trade

Moving back eight spots, the Falcons net a third rounder this year and a second rounder in 2025. Then, they draft arguably their biggest need, getting a starting cornerback.

Quinyon Mitchell. player. 2156. Quinyon Mitchell. 1. . CB. . . Quinyon Mitchell

Toledo cornerback Quinyon Mitchell is the pick at no. 16, with the Falcons getting a major Combine standout. Mitchell stands six feet tall and sports a solid frame at 195 pounds. He also ran one of the faster 40 times at this year's Combine: a ridiculous 4.33 seconds.

Mitchell very well could end up being this year's top rookie cornerback. He has a lot to like about him, including a raw strength to go with his speed. He's built well, and not like your typical, lanky, outside cornerback. This guy is strong, and he tackles better than just about any other corner in his class.

After the Combine, everybody knew he had speed. But, his tools go beyond speed. He can change direction quickly and diagnoses run plays in a hurry. This is your prototypical shutdown cornerback, with an alpha mentality, who can offer even more in run stopping.