Atlanta Falcons 2024 Quarterback Wish List Rankings

Who would you want to start at quarterback for the 2024 Atlanta Falcons?

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Jayden Daniels, Louisiana State

During the 2023 offseason, everyone and their brother suggested that the Falcons should go after Lamar Jackson, give up two first round picks and then pay him $50 million a year while not improving the defense. Jayden Daniels gives the vibes of a potential Lamar Jackson clone without having to give up multiple first round picks, a $50 million per year contract or hindering roster building. Daniels won the Heisman award while quarterbacking the Tigers last year and has all the tools to be a fantastic NFL quarterback with the right pieces surrounding him.

Atlanta looks to be a great fit for him. He'd have multiple first round picks to throw to as well as an offensive line that could help protect him. He'd be a cultural phenom in Atlanta as well due to his Vick-esque play style where he can take off and burn a defense for 50 yards with his legs at any time. The drawbacks to Daniels come from his lack of execution going through his reads in the pocket and would need a talented coach to get the most out of him at the pro level. Atlanta needing to hire the correct coach to take advantage of him makes him feel a bit risky, but if they get the right quarterback whisperer to truly help him develop, Daniels could be a multi-time MVP winner.

That's the kind of ceiling any NFL franchise would want for their quarterback. Unfortunately, the floor is very similar to Marcus Mariota. A quarterback who is fantastic running the ball but has trouble passing the ball efficiently due to lacking in his abilities to operate from a pocket isn't the ideal quarterback to build around. There would always be a hope that he would eventually figure it out, but if he never does, then he's doomed to be a highly drafted backup. There's a ton of boom with a potential selection like this, but if he busts, he's going to bust hard.