Atlanta Falcons: 4 Offseason moves that could backfire

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Four moves during the 2023 offseason that could backfire on the Atlanta Falcons

Every single team every single year makes offseason moves that they end up regretting. It is the nature of this volatile game of football. Things like scheme fit, injuries, the emergence of other players, etc. all can make an offseason move blow up in the face of a team and the Atlanta Falcons are no different.

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The fact of the matter is that at least one of these moves Terry Fontenot and the Falcons have made will end up not working out. It is a lot like the draft; there are just too many factors that you cannot control.

With that, here are four moves made this offseason that the Falcons could end up regretting.

1. Atlanta Falcons might regret ignoring the defense early in the draft

I love the Bijan Robinson selection. He is a crazy talent that will help the Atlanta Falcons win games, not much else you could ask for. And then the selection of Matthew Bergeron is hard to hate as well.

However, I still wasn't thrilled with the simple fact that the Falcons didn't add young talent on the defense until the third round. Even then, they picked up an edge rusher who underperformed in college. Clark Phillips was a nice addition but it would have certainly been nice to see an elite talent added to the side of the ball that has been a liability for a long time.