Atlanta Falcons: 4 Players who will have an increased role in 2023

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Four Atlanta Falcons who will see an increase in snaps in 2023

With so many new additions to the Atlanta Falcons this offseason, some of the returning players have been overshadowed, which is only natural. Everyone tends to focus on the shiny new prize, but the players who have experience with the team already should not be forgotten.

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This is a Falcons team that has a lot of young players, which means there will be many players who will take the field more, now that they have more experience in the NFL—especially on the defensive side of the ball.

Let's get to it, here are four players that will see an increased role during the 2023 season for the Atlanta Falcons.

1. QB Desmond Ridder will have an increased role for the Atlanta Falcons

  • 271 snaps in 2022
  • 26% of offensive snaps

Desmond Ridder started the final four games of his rookie season and will now be going into his second season as the unquestioned starting quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. This isn't a hard one to predict.

Ridder, barring injury or disaster, will shatter his rookie snap count. In total, the Falcons' offense played 1,051 snaps. Expect the second-year quarterback to break 1,000 snaps.

Even if he plays extremely poorly, you would have to figure that he would at least have a half-season leash, which would still be an increase in snaps.