Atlanta Falcons: 4 players who deserve more snaps moving forward

The four players who deserve to be on the field more frequently for the Atlanta Falcons
Atlanta Falcons v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
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2. Zach Harrison, DL

With Grady Jarrett going down with a season-ending injury, the rookie Zach Harrison is bound to see his snap count go up. But even if Grady wasn't injured, Harrison would still deserve more snaps.

There have been growing pains for the mid-round pick but he has flashed what he was supposed to be in college at Ohio State. He has shown that he can hold up to the strength of the NFL by pushing back blockers routinely.

He was a good run defender in college and that has also been the case in the NFL. He also has the talent to find himself hitting the quarterback routinely. His length and quickness are elite and the Falcons need to take advantage of it.