Atlanta Falcons: 5 Presumed starters to be worried about

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3. Mack Hollins is a concern for the Atlanta Falcons at wide receiver

Mack Hollins was signed by the Atlanta Falcons on a team-friendly contract after a breakout season with the Las Vegas Raiders. However, trusting him to be the second wide receiver on the depth chart might be too risky.

Hollins had 57 receptions for 690 yards and four touchdowns last year. It was the first season that he had more than 16 catches and 226 yards. Should the Falcons really be trusting him to be their second WR?

It is a worrisome slot on the depth chart. With that being said, if there is any team that can go without an elite number two, it is the Atlanta Falcons. This team runs the ball and uses their tight ends more than anyone. If they did need an elite second WR, Kyle Pitts is more than capable of being that. So, while there is reason to worry about Hollins' production, the offense won't be doomed if he doesn't produce.