Atlanta Falcons: 6 pros and cons of hiring Bill Belichick

Pro and cons of the Atlanta Falcons hiring Bill Belichick as their next head coach
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The Atlanta Falcons have been doing their due diligence when searching for their next head coach but it seems like they are set on hiring Bill Belichick.

Owner Arthur Blank appears to be getting tired of watching a bad-to-average team over the past six seasons. And you can hardly blame him, it has been exhausting to watch.

All reports are that Blank does want Belichick to coach his talented team but, as with every coach, Belichick comes with good and bad. Here are the pros and cons of hiring one of the greatest coaches of all time.

Pro: You get a respected, proven leader

There is no winning in the NFL without a good head coach—it doesn't matter if your quarterback is Tom Brady. Fans need to realize that having a bad head coach will never lead you to a Super Bowl victory, much less six of them.

Belichick is proven. The players know that, other coaches know that, and all of America knows that.

While you do see some former players rip him, you see more who talk about the respect they have for him. There isn't a more respected head coach in the NFL.