Atlanta Falcons all-offensive mock draft: RB leads off, Georgia hero wraps it up

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2023 Atlanta Falcons offense-only mock draft

With the 2023 NFL Draft almost here, we are going to switch things up by doing an all-offensive mock draft instead of your usual normal mock draft.

Doing a mock draft like this brings in a lot of questions like would the Atlanta Falcons take a quarterback, and if so, how high? Would they still be taking the 'best player available?' How would they divvy picks by positions?

The Falcons have stated their trust in Desmond Ridder many times by now which certainly impacts this mock draft. If they truly believe in him for the long term then they won't be taking one in the first five rounds because of the contract they handed Taylor Heinicke this offseason. There just isn't much room for another quarterback, unless, they feel like they want to take a chance on a player who could be a useful player on the practice squad.

Outside of that, you have a hole at receiver and left guard. Those are certainly two positions they need to address in the draft.

Anyways, enough chatter, here is a mock draft for the Atlanta Falcons if they were to only select offensive players.