Atlanta Falcons all-offensive mock draft: RB leads off, Georgia hero wraps it up

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The Atlanta Falcons' seventh-round picks

. Northern Michigan. Jake Witt. . OT. 224. player. 44

This is purely a developmental pick for the Atlanta Falcons with Jake Witt being a big and athletic offensive tackle. You clearly already have your two starters in Jake Matthews and Kaleb McGary but Matthews won't play forever and McGary signed a relatively short three-year contract.

Witt will sit for a set amount of time to potentially become a steal in the 2023 NFL Draft.

44. Stetson Bennett. player. QB. Georgia. 225. .

We all know the name and the story, but we don't know if Stetson Bennett will end up being drafted due to his incident a few months ago and other rumors that have been swirling. Nevertheless, this is a seventh-round pick so it might be worth the "risk."

Bennett wouldn't make the roster with Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke already being on the team but he could sit on the practice squad, help the scout team, and potentially turn into something more than just a practice squad player.

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