Latest rumor makes Falcons most-likely destination for Stetson Bennett

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There is a lot of debate surrounding UGA quarterback Stetson Bennett. On one hand, you have a QB who led his team to back-to-back National Championship victories despite being a walk-on, while on the other hand, you have a QB who doesn't have any elite attributes and benefitted from playing for the most-talented team(s) in the country.

There is no secret that many Atlanta Falcons fans are proponents of Bennett considering he played for the local university. And recent rumors make the Falcons the most-logical and most-likely destination for the UGA QB.

UGA QB Stetson Bennett may go undrafted, making the Atlanta Falcons the most-sensible landing spot

ESPN's Jeremy Fowler released an article (ESPN+ subscription required) stating that NFL executives like Stetson Bennett as a prospect but are concerned about his ability to take on certain roles for NFL teams. One executive told Fowler that Bennett may end up being a priority undrafted free agent.

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Bennett was arrested in late January for public intoxication and then there have been reports that he has left a poor impression on NFL teams during his pre-draft events. With Bennett not being an elite prospect, those two factors might end up causing him to not get drafted.

If he does become a UDFA, then the Atlanta Falcons become the most-logical destination for Stetson Bennett. He will get to stay home and prove himself in front of the fans that love him the most. It would also give him the opportunity to stick around—presumably on the practice squad with Desmond Ridder and Taylor Heinicke already on the roster.

Unlike those who are drafted, UDFAs have the opportunity to choose the best scenario out of the select teams who are interested. If Bennett ends up undrafted and the Falcons are interested, then the coupling seems like an inevitability.

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