Atlanta Falcons are the only improved NFC South team

With such big moves the Atlanta Falcons have positioned themselves to be the favorites in the NFC South.

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

If you don't have the Atlanta Falcons winning the NFC South in 2024 then you might need a brain scan. When you dive into each of the four teams, the Falcons should easily win the division.

Look around and you will see two teams that have not improved and one team that is stuck in a terrible situation. Meanwhile, the Falcons have fixed a massive problem that kept them from winning the division last year and it has them in the driver's seat.

The Atlanta Falcons have jumped ahead in the NFC South

The Atlanta Falcons have not won a division title in eight years which is just ridiculous. They have been stuck in neutral ever since the end of the 2017 NFL season, but they are finally shifting into drive, and it comes at the perfect time.

We all know how bad the NFC South was last year. The Buccaneers won the division with a measly 9-8 recordsomehow an improvement over 2022.

This division knows they have to get better and, to be frank, it would be hard not to. Yet, somehow it feels like only one team has significantly improved a week into free agency. Let's look at the notable moves each team has made thus far.

Atlanta Falcons:

  • Signed QB Kirk Cousins
  • Signed WR Darnell Mooney
  • Traded for WR Rondale Moore

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • Re-signed QB Baker Mayfield
  • Re-signed WR Mike Evans
  • Re-signed LB Lavonte David
  • Franchise tagged S Antoine Winfield Jr.
  • Traded away CB Carlton Davis
  • Signed S Jordan Whitehead

New Orleans Saints:

  • Signed LB Willie Gay Jr.

Carolina Panthers:

  • Traded for WR Diontae Johnson
  • Signed OG Damien Lewis
  • Signed OG Robert Hunt
  • Signed DT A'Shawn Robinson
  • Signed LB Josey Jewell
  • Signed CB Dane Jackson
  • Signed S Jordan Fuller

You have the Saints who have done nothing, the Buccaneers who are 'running it back' with their 9-8 team, and the Panthers who have made big moves but still have many holes.

What have the Falcons done? Just signed a franchise quarterback to fill a position that kept them from winning more games last year.

Then when you look forward to the draft, the Falcons are in the best position. They have a top-ten pick and many picks in the top 100. The Saints have a lot of day-three picks, the Bucs have an average number of picks, and the Panthers are without a first-round pick thanks to the Bryce Young trade-up from last year.

This Falcons team was within striking distance of winning the division without a quarterback. In 2024, they will have easily the best quarterback which will translate into many more wins.


This means all of the pressure is on the Atlanta Falcons. They must win this division or it will be a massive disappointment.

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