Atlanta Falcons: The average age of each offensive position

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We are in the middle of a total dead period on the NFL calendar. 99% of free agency is over, the draft is over, and we are patiently waiting for training camps to begin. The Atlanta Falcons haven't made a noteworthy move in a long time and it doesn't seem likely that they will prior to the start of their training camp (July 27).

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It makes it pretty difficult to come up with topics to write about, so it is time to think outside the box. Here we will look at the average age of each of the Falcons' offensive positions and then the same will be done for the defense and special teams, later on.

The average age of each of the Atlanta Falcons offensive positions

Just a few years ago it felt like the Atlanta Falcons were trotting out the same offense every year. Guys like Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Mohamed Sanu, Calvin Ridley, Jake Matthews, and Alex Mack all brought a lot of veteran continuity to the team, and now all but one of those guys are gone.

It was an older group of players for the Falcons, that is for sure. Terry Fontenot and Arthur Smith came in and created their own offense. They used their first three first-round picks on skill players with Kyle Pitts, Drake London, and Bijan Robinson.

The moral of the story is that this offense is much younger three years into the new regime. It shows in the data, which we will get to right now. Please keep in mind that the data is taken from the current roster, so the final roster will look a tad different. The data is precise as it was calculated with the exact age of the player (down to the number of days since each player was born from when I put this all together).

Average age of each offensive position:

*Excludes injured RB Avery Williams (IR)*


Average age

# of players






















  • Average age of entire offense: 25.87

As you can see, fullback is the oldest position which is obvious considering Keith Smith has been in the league for a while now and is the only listed fullback on the roster. Outside of FB, Taylor Heinicke and Logan Woodside inflate the age at quarterback, and next in line is offensive tackle led by the two veteran starters.

Tyler Allgeier and Bijan Robinson lead the youngest offensive position for the Falcons. It says a lot about the youth at running back considering 32-year-old Cordarrelle Patterson is on the roster.

Anyways, hope this was at least a little informative or entertaining during this mundane period in the NFL.

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