Atlanta Falcons bringing back key tight end for QB Desmond Ridder

Tight end MyCole Pruitt became the featured tight end for the Atlanta Falcons in 2023 following Kyle Pitts' injury and he is now re-signing for some extra depth in 2023
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As long as Arthur Smith is the Atlanta Falcons head coach, tight ends will be a key part of the offense. While the position had a disappointing season in 2023, much of that was due to quarterback problems.

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Smith made it clear that he wanted to reinforce the position this year. The Falcons will get Kyle Pitts back from injury, they traded for Jonnu Smith, and now they have brought back a tight end who had some solid chemistry with quarterback Desmond Ridder.

Tight end MyCole Pruitt returns to the Atlanta Falcons as key depth piece

While the Atlanta Falcons already have Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith, tight end was still a position that they needed to add another body to considering how often they are featured. That body will be a familiar face MyCole Pruitt who became Desmond Ridder's favorite tight end during the 2022 season's final four games.

Jeremy Fowler first broke the news, at least officially. Apparently, Pruitt showed up before the announcement was made and everyone was confused.

That is honestly kind of funny. When it comes to players signing you usually hear before you see.

Anyways, Pruitt will be entering his ninth season in the NFL. He is another tight end that Arthur Smith had experience with prior to the Falcons.

Last season, MyCole Pruitt played in 13 games, starting four, and caught 16 passes for 150 yards and four touchdowns. However, 13 of those receptions came during the final four games of the season when Desmond Ridder was under center, so the chemistry is there with the vet and second-year QB.

Kyle Pitts and Jonnu Smith will clearly be the top two tight ends. Parker Hesse is more of a versatile blocking tight end and so Pruitt—assuming he makes the roster—figures to slot in as the third pass-catching tight end.