Atlanta Falcons dealt first blow with key season-ending injury

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Injuries are bound to happen for every team. In such a physical sport, there is no way to avoid them. They even happen when players aren't in full pads and running at each other at full speed, and the Atlanta Falcons have figured that out already as they have been dealt a punch with a season-ending injury to one of their most underrated players.

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Avery Williams had a great season last year. He is a special teams ace and was the best punt returner in the NFL last year but now the Falcons will have to look elsewhere as it was announced that he sustained a torn ACL that will likely cause him to miss the entire season.

Atlanta Falcons lose punt return and depth running back Avery Williams to a torn ACL

It isn't fun to see injuries, ever. You cannot help but feel bad for the player but there is also a selfish disappointment as it means you won't be able to see the player on the field making plays. Avery Williams is one player that I, personally, was so excited to watch in 2023 but now none of us will see him on the field for the Atlanta Falcons.

It was announced that Williams will be out for awhile after undergoing surgery for a torn ACL.

Avery was an excellent punt returner for the Falcons last year and was even, arguably, the best in the NFL. He led the NFL in yards per punt return by a full three yards.

The Falcons' defense was terrible when forcing punts last season, so Williams did not get many opportunities to return punts. With an improved defense in 2023, Williams was primed to have an even better season.

The Atlanta Falcons will now have to find his replacement. The good news is that if this injury had to happen, it is good that it happened relatively early. Avery will have plenty of time to recover and the Falcons will have plenty of time to find his replacement.

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