Atlanta Falcons full 7-round mock draft: Falcons land elite playmakers

The Atlanta Falcons fill numerous positions of need in this full 7-round mock draft

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The Atlanta Falcons add an Elliss brother in consecutive offseasons. The first one has been excellent and there is no reason to believe the younger Jonah Elliss will be any different.

Jonah will be a much more sought-after player than Kaden ever was in the draft. He is so talented and has produced. He is coming off of a season-ending injury but we have seen plenty of players overcome it.

Round 3, Pick 74: Johnny Wilson, WR, Florida State

A six-foot-seven, 238-pound wide receiver, need I say more?

You don't need me to tell you what type of receiver Johnny Wilson is. Lining him up opposite of Drake London with Kyle Pitts inside would be a nightmare. Especially with a new playcaller.

Wilson would give the Falcons two wide receivers who are six-foot-four and six-foot-seven and a tight end who is six-foot-six.

Maybe now we will finally get some fade routes in the endzone called.