Atlanta Falcons get 0 primetime games while boring teams get multiple

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons
Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons / Cooper Neill/GettyImages

The National Football League clearly hates their own; they have chosen to give the Atlanta Falcons zero, I repeat, zero nighttime, AKA primetime, games during the 2023 NFL Season.

It is downright stupid, they used zero logic in this decision as they have scheduled numerous boring and bad teams in primetime while the Falcons have the most exciting run game in the NFL that now includes Bijan Robinson, who might already be one of the most entertaining players in the entire NFL.

Atlanta Falcons inexplicably given zero primetime games in 2023

Personally, I don't really care about the mere fact the Atlanta Falcons don't have a primetime game. What I do care about is respect and fairness, why is there even one, let alone four NFL teams that don't get any primetime games?! Every team should get at least one per year.

I understand this world revolves around money, and the Chiefs, Cowboys, 49ers, etc. all bring in the big bucks, but come on, who wants to watch those teams like five or six primetime games through the year, it gets boring. I would rather watch a variety of teams throughout the year, than the same four teams six times.

Back to the Falcons, look at some of the teams that have multiple primetime games. Tampa!? Chicago!? Denver!? Those teams aren't good. The NFL obviously didn't learn from the disaster that was the 2022 Broncos who had many primetime games. And did they get the memo that Tom Brady retired?

I mean heck, the freaking Patriots have four primetime games; I don't know anyone who will be turning on the TV an hour early in anticipation of watching the New England Patriots. More people will record those Patriots games to skip through the game and watch the commercials.

And don't get me started about New Orleans and Carolina. Sorry for not thinking that Derek Carr, who couldn't lead a very talented Las Vegas Raiders offense (speaking of them, how did they get five primetime games?!), to any success and ended up getting benched. Also, the Panthers have an unproven quarterback, they don't deserve two more night games on standalone television than the Atlanta Falcons.

Anyways, the rant is now over. All in all, the NFL is making a big mistake. The Falcons, without a single ounce of doubt, will be a much better and more entertaining team than a few of the teams who have at least one primetime game. Nice job NFL, really nailed it!

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