Atlanta Falcons sign Bijan Robinson to fully-guaranteed contract

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Bijan Robinson was a superstar running back at Texas which led him to being considered as one of the best running back prospects anyone has seen in a long time. The Atlanta Falcons certainly thought so as they used their eighth-overall pick in late April on the superb talent.

Since being drafted he has been ready to get to work and he has even been seen working out with another young and talented player who has already been named to an All-Pro team. Bijan is on his way to being a star and now is getting paid like one as he has signed his first NFL contract.

Atlanta Falcons sign Bijan Robinson to four-year, $21.96 million fully-guaranteed contract

Each NFL team tends to move quickly on getting their draft picks signed so that they don't end up having a Joey Bosa situation popping up down the road. The Atlanta Falcons are one of those teams as they have officially signed superstar-talent Bijan Robinson to a significant rookie deal that is fully guaranteed.

It is good, for both parties, to get this out of the way early. It allows the team to focus on other things and allows the player to lock in on preparing for the upcoming season.

Each draft pick has a certain value attached. Higher pick=more money. Bijan Robinson was the eighth-overall pick so a contract along this line was to be expected. Every first-round pick's rookie deal is four years with a fifth-year option and after three years teams are able to start negotiating about a long-term extension. Not to look too far ahead but that would put us in 2026 with Bijan.

Anyways, the contract isn't what fans were excited for, they are excited to see him on the field. He is an electric player who should have an immediate impact in an offense that is perfect for his excellent skill set.

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