Atlanta Falcons got it right making the switch to QB Taylor Heinicke

We found out on Wednesday that the Atlanta Falcons would be starting Taylor Heinicke on Sunday and it was the right decision to make
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans
Atlanta Falcons v Tennessee Titans / Wesley Hitt/GettyImages

What is worse than an NFL quarterback controversy? The Atlanta Falcons have found themselves in one after their starter Desmond Ridder struggled with turnovers and suffered a blow to the head against the Titans.

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Leading up to Wednesday we did not know who would be under center for the team on Sunday but we have our answer. Taylor Heinicke will be starting for the Falcons as they host the Minnesota Vikings in week nine.

Atlanta Falcons made the difficult, correct decision by starting Taylor Heinicke

Desmond Ridder's career is far from over. He has shown plenty of promise but just found himself stuck in a groove that saw him turn the ball over seven times in ten quarters of play. The Atlanta Falcons had to do what was best for them right now and that was to start Taylor Heinicke.

Heinicke came out to play in the second half in Tennessee trying to lead an offense that had done nothing in the game. He immediately provided a visible spark and led them down the field to eventually kick a field goal.

He went on to lead another three-point drive and two drives that ended in the endzone. From what we saw in the first half, it seemed impossible but Heinicke was able to get things done.

However, it also helps when your punt returner and kick return team don't royally screw up and give you a 99-yard field. Without a doubt, Heinicke was put in a better circumstance to start out each drive.

But there is no denying that the journeyman quarterback was able to capitalize on what he was given. The Falcons just need someone who can get them down the field without making mistakes. With how the defense has played for the majority of the year, 25 points should get you a win more times than not. That seems like a realistic goal considering Taylor Heinicke put up 20 points in two quarters.

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