Atlanta Falcons: Jalen Ramsey is a trade target to watch

Jalen Ramsey could find himself getting traded again and the Atlanta Falcons could be his destination.

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Jalen Ramsey has been a victim of the NFL trade block a couple of times. First, he was shipped from the Jaguars to the Rams and last offseason the Rams shipped him back to Florida to play for the Dolphins.

His name may come up yet again as a trade target for teams and with the hiring of Raheem Morris the Atlanta Falcons would be the top suitor.

Jalen Ramsey could get traded to the Atlanta Falcons this offseason

Miami Dolphins cornerback Jalen Ramsey is entering the second year of his three-year, $55 million contract. His expensive contract is part of the reason why the Dolphins are projected to be 30th in cap space when the new league year starts.

According to Spotrac, the Dolphins are sitting at -$51 million in cap space. In other words, they have a lot of work to do to get even.

One move the Dolphins could make to lessen that number is to trade Jalen Ramsey who has a $27 million cap hit. Trading him is the only solution to his contract because they will lose money if they decide to release him.

Trading Jalen Ramsey before June 1 would save them about $20 million in cap space and carry a $7 million dead cap hit. After June 1, they would save five million more.

The Atlanta Falcons should step in and take Ramsey off of their hands. While his contract isn't attractive, his play on the field is.


Think about how much freedom defensive playcaller Jimmy Lake would have with A.J. Terrell and Jalen Ramsey opposite each other. This would allow him to send extra rushers and get creative with his play calls.

What it would take for the Falcons to land Ramsey is complicated. The Dolphins, unless they clear up cap space with other moves, don't have leverage with Ramsey. They can't cut him and his cap hit is second to only Tyreek Hill on their team. The Falcons might be able to snag him for less than he is worth.

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