Atlanta Falcons lose out on top pass rusher from the Eagles

The Atlanta Falcons were rumored to be interested in Philadelphia Eagles' star pass rusher Haason Reddick, but have missed out after the Jets snag him.

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Haason Reddick is a name that many Atlanta Falcons fans wanted to see in red and black. Over the past few years, Reddick has been one of the best in the NFL while the Falcons have been searching for a player like that.

They were rumored to be interested in the veteran pass rusher from the Philadelphia Eagles, but that won't happen as the Jets have landed him.

So, the Eagles and Jets have essentially flip-flopped Bryce Huff and Haason Reddick.

The Atlanta Falcons lose out on Haason Reddick because of money, not draft compensation

A conditional third-round pick isn't much to give up for one of the best pass rushers in the league. The draft compensation isn't what held the Atlanta Falcons back from trading for the veteran—his current contract and potential contract demands are.

The 30-year-old Reddick is looking for a new contract which complicates everything. The Falcons don't currently have the cap space to pull off an extension for Reddick. While they do have avenues to clear space up, it would create issues down the road.

Even if he doesn't land an extension, he is getting paid a lot of money.

Ultimately, the Falcons believe in their scouting department. They know that they can land a talent who will produce off the edge for a team that is thirsty for an elite pass rusher. Drafting a guy would also cost a whole lot less than Reddick.

It is a risk vs. reward situation. Undoubtedly, this team would love to have Haason Reddick but you also cannot hurt yourself in the long run. The fact is that Reddick isn't getting any younger and paying him a lot of money is risky. After all, the Eagles—who know him best—chose to pay a younger option in Huff at the expense of Reddick.

This team will have to look to the draft to find an elite pass rusher.