Atlanta Falcons: Predicting 5 favorite head coach candidates

Here is a shot in the dark on who the five favorite candidates are to become the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons

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All we know about the Atlanta Falcons coaching search is who they have interviewed and most of their scheduled interviews. Past that, there are only a few people who truly know how interested Arthur Blank and Rich McKay are in hiring each candidate.

With that being said, we are going to take a stab at it. I am not going to act like I know something everyone else doesn't—I don't. This is just a mix of reports, rumors, and gut feelings.

Here is the prediction of the five favorites to be the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

5. Raheem Morris - Rams DC

Former Atlanta Falcons head coach and current Rams defensive coordinator Raheem Morris should have been a head coach by now.

No coach has received as much praise from his coworkers and players as Morris. From Les Snead to Jalen Ramsey, so many people are talking about how great of a coach Morris is. I still believe the Falcons did not give him enough consideration to be their permanent head coach after spending most of the season as their interim HC.

Perhaps, the Falcons will right a wrong and hire Raheem Morris. It sounds like that could end up happening.