Atlanta Falcons request to interview their former head coach

Raheem Morris took over as the interim head coach of the Atlanta Falcons after the firing of Dan Quinn. Now, four years later, they are interested in bringing him back to be their head coach

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Dan Quinn went into the 2020 season on the hottest of hot seats with the Atlanta Falcons. He was quickly ousted after a 0-5 start to the season and was replaced by Raheem Morris.

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All things considered, Morris did a phenomenal job and was even considered to be the permanent head coach of the Falcons, a job that ended up going to Arthur Smith. Somewhat surprisingly, four years later, the Falcons are considering Morris in their head coaching search again.

Atlanta Falcons submit request to interview Rams DC Raheem Morris

Let's be real here, while we don't know for sure how much the Atlanta Falcons seriously considered Raheem Morris to be their permanent head coach in 2021, it felt like they didn't consider hiring him and that was a mistake.

He went on to win a Super Bowl as the Rams defensive coordinator and it took a bit for him to get some head coaching interviews. There has been interest in him from other teams in the past but nothing has materialized.

This year could finally be his year to be a head coach and it could be with his former team.

Wouldn't this just be ironic? The guy you had in your grasp three years ago ends up back as the head coach after a wasted three years.

I am kind of shocked to see them request an interview with Morris. It feels like a candidate that they would simply ignore just to save face.


Hiring Raheem Morris would be an admission that you were completely wrong in a massive decision you made just a few years ago. It truly would make these past three years look like an even bigger waste.

So while there is an interview request, do not count on seeing Morris as the head coach of the Atlanta Falcons.

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