Atlanta Falcons: Predicting 5 favorite head coach candidates

Here is a shot in the dark on who the five favorite candidates are to become the next head coach of the Atlanta Falcons

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4. Ben Johnson - Lions OC

Ben Johnson might be the hottest name available. The Lions offensive coordinator has done so much to be impressed with, including helping take a team from the depths of despair to getting them within one game of the Super Bowl.

Seeing how he has transformed Jared Goff is incredible. There is no reason that the Falcons shouldn't be interested, they just might have to wait a little while if they want to hire him.

3. Bobby Slowik - Texans OC

Here is another offensive coordinator who has done a marvelous job with his team. Watching what Bobby Slowik has done for the Texans offense and, more specifically, C.J. Stroud is unbelievable.

With how badly the Falcons need a quarterback, there might not be a better candidate out there for the Falcons. Slowik has proven that he can put the development speed of a quarterback on 5x.