3 affordable trade packages Falcons could offer for Justin Fields

Just how realistic is it for the Falcons to land the Bears QB now?

Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields
Atlanta Falcons, Justin Fields / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages
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Monday morning, those who may have went to bed a bit early and didn't see, a big quarterback domino fell as Russell Wilson decided to sign with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That was huge news for the Atlanta Falcons, who are also in the market for a quarterback.

For Falcons fans not wanting Wilson, it was great news. Now, the Falcons can focus on some options that may be more attractive.

Owning the no. 8 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft, Atlanta very well could be in play for a top rookie passer. But, one of the other options is a move that's been speculated for months now: trading for current Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields.

Will the Falcons trade for Justin Fields as NFL free agency buzz takes off?

If the Falcons wanted to try and land Fields, they could have some affordable options. Rumor has it that the Bears will get a Day 2 and a Day 3 pick in exchange for Fields, but just where do those selections appear? Let's take a look at some affordable deals the Falcons might be able to offer Chicago.

Trade Number 1

Fields trade 1

This deal would be the best-case scenario for Atlanta, although it might be a bit too unrealistic. Only a third and a fifth-round pick in exchange for a guy who may end up being their franchise quarterback? That seems like a steal.

But, there have been reports of the market not being exactly what Chicago would have liked when it comes to Fields. So, don't count out the possibility of the Falcons getting lucky like this. It would be somewhat shocking, yes, but also a deal Falcons fans would be more than thrilled to see go down.