Atlanta Falcons sack total over past 3 seasons is embarrassing

The Atlanta Falcons have easily had the worst pass rush over the past three seasons and the stats continue to show it
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

The Atlanta Falcons are not known for their pass rush. Instead, they are known for their lack of pass rush as they continually have one of the worst units in the NFL each and every year.

That has continued into the 2023 season, even though the defense has been really good overall. The pass rush just cannot generate sacks and at this point, it truly does seem like there is a curse on the franchise

Atlanta Falcons have 27 fewer sacks than anyone over past 3 seasons

It has not been a fun ride watching the Atlanta Falcons defensive line on passing downs. The Falcons have only been able to generate five sacks over five games after having only 21 a year ago.

Over the past three seasons, the Falcons have managed just 44 sacks total. To put that into context, the Raiders have the second-fewest with 71...

The Atlanta Falcons could play an entire season with the rest of the NFL not getting a single sack and they would still be at the bottom of this list. This might be the most lopsided team stat in the NFL.

We have seen seasons where individual players have more sacks than the entire Falcons team. It has been an absolute grind on defense, especially for the secondary.

It is honestly a miracle that the Falcons defenses haven't been worse. Trying to cover for five seconds on every play is virtually impossible, yet A.J. Terrell and co. have managed to hold their own. I remember speaking about it during Terrell's historically great 2021 season, it makes what he did all the more impressive.

This also proves that the Falcons need to be as aggressive as possible when it comes to bringing in a proven, dominant edge rusher. Danielle Hunter would be the first name to come to mind and he would be a perfect fit for Ryan Nielsen.


The Falcons have a really good interior unit but getting an edge rusher who can consistently win off the edge would be huge for a defense that has been strong.

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