6 Falcons UDFA signings who have a real chance to make the 53-man roster

Fans might be surprised to learn these guys have a real shot this summer.
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The past few months have featured a high amount of Atlanta Falcons headlines, and some a bit more amusing than others.

Well, 'amusing' might not be the right word if you're a Falcons fan, but we'll stick with it. The quarterback position has offered fans plenty to talk about and opinions are aplenty. Nonetheless, Atlanta should be in for a good season, barring unforeseen injury or circumstances.

Beyond the top stories, signings and roster moves, the Falcons now enter the thick of their offseason program where jobs become up for grabs. Minicamp and training camp will shed a lot of light on how the team's depth will play out.

And, this year, Atlanta could see a few undrafted free agents make this squad.

The Falcons have some positions that could be wide open when it comes to depth

Anthony Sao, CB

The tail end of the cornerback depth could be anyone's game, really. Beyond starters Clark Phillips, A.J. Terrell and Dee Alford (slot), the Falcons' top name is Kevin King or Mike Hughes. Assuming those two have a shot at making the team, CB6 is wide open, and Anthony Sao could go from a school nobody's heard of (MidAmerica Nazarene) to a job in the NFL.

Austin Stogner, TE

Beyond Kyle PItts, the Falcons don't have anyone who is going to blow you away as the TE2 or TE3. There are veterans Charlie Woerner, John FitzPatrick and Ross Dwelley along with Austin Stogner out of Oklahoma.

The 6-foot-6 Stogner is an underrated weapon in the passing game, but where he really shines is as a blocker. For a team like the Falcons, boasting a pair of talented running backs in Bijan Robinson and Tyler Allgeier, and a quarterback who's going to sling it, blocking is key. Stogner has a real shot to slide onto the tail end of this roster because of that strength.