Atlanta Falcons veteran takes a shot at Patriots quarterback Mac Jones

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New England Patriots v Buffalo Bills / Bryan Bennett/GettyImages

While there have been plenty of Atlanta Falcons updates and headlines in the first week of training camp one of the more interesting ones was Calais Campbell taking a shot at Mac Jones. Campbell notes that defenders perhaps might ease up on quarterbacks who are a bit kinder and not trash-talking pass rushers.

When asked to give some examples in the interview Calais wasted no time naming Andrew Luck as a quarterback that went out of his way to be kind and Mac Jones as one that has pushed things too far. This comes a history of questionable plays from the current Patriots starter.

Whether it was diving into a defenders legs to make a "block" or a dirty play against star Carolina Panthers pass rusher Brian Burns, Mac hasn't made a lot of friends. Calais is simply pointing out the obvious for a player that has earned a reputation as a guy willing to cross the line to make a play.

Jones being named as one of the quarterbacks defenders aren't likely to ease up on isn't a shock to anyone outside of New England that has watched Mac play. The NFL has fined Jones as well for the shot he gave out to Eli Apple and one certainly could have been given on what looked like a dirty kick to a Chicago Bears defender earlier in the season.

Calais is simply telling the truth when it comes to Mac Jones and the quarterback's questionable decision-making.

Calais was a part of early camp headlines for a different reason as well as being placed on the NFI list with little details given as to the reason or timeline of his return. As one of Atlanta's biggest off-season additions, the situation is worth keeping a close eye on throughout camp.