3 veterans who won't make Falcons roster Week 1

  • A veteran tight end
  • A mystery in the trenches
  • A former second-round pick
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This season should be an exciting one for the Atlanta Falcons.

They're in a division that could be up for grabs, depending on how key positions unfold within rivals' rosters. There is some young talent waiting to bust loose, especially on the Falcons' offense. And, they are a team that no one is really giving much attention to as being anywhere close to a contender.

Looking at how the roster is going to unfold throughout training camp, we can see right now that there are a few veterans who won't end up making it onto the final 53-man squad. Let's take a look at three of them, specifically.

Tucker Fisk, TE

Tight end is a position that should be a major strength for this Falcons team. Obviously, it all starts with the unicorn, Kyle Pitts. Fans are eager to see the team use him more and more consistently as a receiver, because of his rare skill set.

Behind Pitts is the veteran Jonnu Smith, who is also another strong receiving tight end. He's also been able to block at a decent level throughout his career, too, which makes him a valuable backup. From there, it could end up being anyone's game as the third tight end, but my money is on Mycole Pruitt, the journeyman who can both block and receive.

At the tail end of the roster is veteran Tucker Fisk, though, and he's not going to be lucky enough to make it onto that final roster come Week 1. There is too much competition ahead of him, and he has yet to appear in any legitimate NFL action as an undrafted free agent last year.