Atlanta Falcons: Will this season actually be any different than previous seasons?

There is a different vibe around this Atlanta Falcons team but yet the question still remains, will this season actually be any different than the last seasons which have been disappointing?
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Things feel and sound different with the Atlanta Falcons in 2023. The team was able to grow some young talent last year, add even more young talent, and spend some money for the first time in what feels like centuries.

However, should we really believe that this season will be any different than the last five seasons where the Falcons have a combined 32-50 record?

Will this 2023 Atlanta Falcons team be any different than the last five?

It has been a rough handful of years for the Atlanta Falcons. The last time we saw them in the postseason, they were a couple of yards from taking down the eventual Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

Since then the Falcons have gone 7-9, 7-9, 4-12, 7-10, and 7-10.

Nevertheless, new year, new team, new results. A clean start means anything can happen; another losing season or an exciting and successful season.

As much as everyone wants to say that they know, no one knows what will happen. Think about the start of the 2016 season for the Falcons. No one had any expectations for the team and it started out bad with a loss to a bad Buccaneers team. The Falcons then went on to have an incredible season.

In my opinion, this team does feel different and there is proof of that, the biggest being Calais Campbell. Campbell is a legendary player who could have picked any team he wanted yet he decided to deny Aaron Rodgers' request to go to New York and signed with Atlanta.

Campbell knows what good teams look like. He played with the Cardinals when they won 34 regular season games in three seasons, he played with the Jaguars when they came out of nowhere and almost beat Tom Brady in the AFC Conference Championship game. And then he was with the Ravens for the past three seasons who won 29 games during that span. Again, Campbell chose this team for a reason—he is searching for a ring.

The same could be said about Jessie Bates. We all know how good the Bengals have been the last two seasons and while money talks, Bates almost certainly could have gone elsewhere for a similar price.

Anyways, while none of us know what will happen, as we stand right now, this season does feel different than years past. In previous years it felt like we were all searching for reasons to be optimistic compared to this year when we have reasons to be optimistic.

Fans know this too, just go look at how many showed up to watch the Falcons practice over the past week. I think we will see that same thing in week one with a rocking Mercedes-Benz Stadium and maybe we will even see a lot more fans at the two home preseason games.

Again, a lot of things can happen but this feels like a legitimately good team. If I had to pick, I would say that this season will be different.