Atlanta Falcons: Winners and losers of the 2023 NFL Draft

Atlanta Falcons v Miami Dolphins
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Atlanta Falcons who won and lost during the 2023 NFL Draft

The NFL Draft can tell you a lot about what a team thinks about their roster as a whole, as well as individual players. The Atlanta Falcons made their first selection by taking Bijan Robinson and then followed it up by taking Matthew Bergeron, Zach Harrison, Clark Phillips III, DeMarcco Hellams, and Jovaughn Gwyn.

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Those draft picks, reveal a lot about the Falcons. Some players might now be out of a job and others might have just had their confidence boosted and their job made significantly easier.

Interestingly enough though, last year didn't really follow that concept. The Falcons had so many holes that they were bound to find a new player at certain positions. Take Drake London for example, no one really lost with that draft pick because no one was sitting there as the team's number-one receiver.

Now, here we are in 2023 and you can find clear winners and clear losers within the Falcons' organization. It is much better to root for a team that isn't filling holes in the draft but rather reinforcing positions.

Anyways, here are the winners and losers for the Atlanta Falcons in the 2023 NFL Draft.