Baseball lineup made of Falcons' players in honor of MLB Opening Day

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Building a baseball lineup from the Falcons roster in honor of MLB Opening Day

This will be one of the more interesting things on Blogging Dirty but I decided to create a baseball lineup using only players that are currently on the Atlanta Falcons roster.

This team is full of the greatest athletes in the world and I have confidence that they could join the MLB and go 162-0. In fact, the MLB should throw this team out on the field tomorrow for Opening Day against our very own Atlanta Braves, after all, they would be better competition than the Washington Nationals will be.

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Let's not waste any more time and get to this dream team. First, we will go through who plays what position on defense, and then we will set the nine-man batting order at the end.

Catcher: Keith Smith (FB - Atlanta Falcons)

Our stocky, strong, and fearless catcher will be none other than the veteran affectionately known as 'Beef.' He is perfect for the position because he would not be afraid of a small little baseball—he spends his time running full speed into grown men, after all.

I am also willing to take a chance on his arm considering those guns he shows on the football field. He won't even need to test his arm, baserunners will be too scared when they look at his biceps.