Cam Jordan's shot at Falcons looking even worse one year later

New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons
New Orleans Saints v Atlanta Falcons / Todd Kirkland/GettyImages

It was announced on Tuesday that defensive tackle Eddie Goldman will make his return to the NFL as the Atlanta Falcons have activated him off of the retired list.

As many know, Goldman signed with the Falcons and then announced his retirement less than a month later. To Saints defensive end Cam Jordan, this looked like the perfect time to take a shot on Twitter at the team he dislikes the most—the Falcons. However, he ended up eating crow not too long after as Kiko Alonso signed and retired with the Aints faster than Goldman did with the Falcons. And now his tweet somehow looks even worse months later.

Cam Jordan's slighting tweet to Falcons quickly looked hypocritical and now it looks even worse a year later

Again, Cam Jordan thought he was being sly by making fun of the Falcons for having a player retire right after signing with them, only for him to watch his new teammate leave even quicker. Now, many months later, the retired Falcons player, Eddie Goldman, makes Jordan's tweet look even worse.

You can read last year's article about Jordan's hypocritical tweet by clicking the link here. It is well worth a read if you hate the Saints even a little bit.

Now we have a reason to revisit that event with Eddie Goldman making his return to the Falcons. He clearly wants to play for Atlanta, so now we have to ask, has anyone heard anything from Kiko Alonso recently? Anybody? I sure haven't.

Seems like it doesn't take long to decide you don't want to play for the Saints. I don't blame him either, who would ever want to play for that franchise? They can't even make a joke that holds water for a month.

The Atlanta Falcons are clearly getting the last laugh here. Also, in the small chance that Cordarrelle Patterson (or any Falcons player, for that matter) is reading this, please don't let Jordan get away with this unscathed. Poke a little fun at him on Twitter for the sake of the rivalry, it is good for the game—and it would also be really funny.

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