Could the Atlanta Falcons have a defensive-only draft class?

After an offensive-focused free agency, could the Atlanta Falcons look have a defensive-only draft in 2024?
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The Atlanta Falcons find themselves in a unique position going into the 2024 NFL Draft, they filled out their starting offense in free agency and could find themselves with an untouched defensive draft board at pick eight.

The Falcons have many positions of need, mostly on the defense. Their two biggest priorities are finding an edge rush and another starting cornerback—with other depth needs.

Considering where they sit going into the draft, could they find themselves taking only defensive players?

Could the Falcons draft only defensive prospects in 2024?

Last year, the Falcons focused on their defense in free agency and then used their top two draft picks on offensive players. This year, they focused on their offense, meaning we will see a defensive-heavy draft class.

With eight picks to their name, it is highly unlikely that they would only draft defensive players. That is too many players to add to one side of the ball; you still have to round out a full roster.

The Falcons need wide receiver depth, a developmental quarterback, and possibly offensive line depth—they aren't going to go eight picks on defense and ignore those needs.

However, if the team decides to trade up then a defensive-only draft class is in play. The only reason they would trade up in the first round would be to draft an offensive player, so a trade-up would need to happen on day two.

Just four years ago, we saw the Carolina Panthers only address their defense, using seven picks on four defensive backs and three defensive linemen. The Falcons do not have the room to bring in that many players at those positions.

I would be shocked if the Falcons did not leave the draft without a wide receiver and a quarterback who will push Taylor Heinicke these next few months.

While it is likely that the Falcons will address their defense with their top two picks, assuming they keep going defense for the next four rounds is not practical.